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About Keven Gessner, Candidate for CR School Board, Region 8, Upper Makefield

My name is Keven Gessner, and I am a 40-year Council Rock resident committed to our schools and the community. I attended elementary, middle, and high school in Council Rock. I have two children attending Sol Feinstone Elementary school (1st grade and 2nd grade) with two more future CR students. I will have children attending our schools for the next 20 years, unlike my opponent with no children in our schools. School closures have brought major disruptions in the lives of Council Rock children, affecting their socio-emotional development and well-being, as well as their education, social life, and relationships. Depression rates, suicide rates, and drug use have spiked because students were kept out of school for too long. Failure rates in Council Rock are up at every grade level. 

As your school Board Director, I will:

  • Be committed to putting our children and taxpayers first 
  • Ensure CR schools are financially strong and academically exceptional.
  • Ensure our children have access to science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and trades skills.
  • Advocate for differentiated instruction, experiential and hands-on learning for CR students
  • Put the focus back on preparing our children for the future economy.

About Bob Hickey, Candidate for CR School Board, Region 3

I am a 28 year resident of Richboro and have loved the experience that my eight children, across 26 consecutive years, had in CRSD. However, the district today is not the district of the past, and I am willing to fight to get us back on top. I am concerned that Council Rock is currently satisfied with being just one of the best districts in the state, instead of THE best district in the state.

I am keenly aware of the detrimental effect that rising taxes have had on our senior population. That is one reason that I am supporting the bipartisan effort by our Bucks County state representatives to return earned income tax dollars to our school district that presently goes to Philadelphia. I have the knowledge and experience to make the tough, responsible decisions necessary to bridge the gap between the wants of the district and the needs of the taxpayer.

As your school board director, I will:

  • Advocate for keeping students in school All Day, Every Day
  • Balance a first-class education with taxpayer concerns
  • Balance necessary expenditures with fiscal responsibility
  • Be an independent voice and a fresh face - not a politician
  • Be a strong advocate for our region's needs and incorporate them into the district's goals

About Mike Roosevelt, Candidate for CR School Board, Region 6

My wife and I are parents to 3 boys in the CR school district grades 6, 8, and 12. We have seen the direction our school district has been going over the past 5-6 years and have grown very concerned. I have decided it is time to take action.

The role of a Council Rock School Board member is non-political, therefore, as a School Board Director, the focus should not be on turning Pennsylvania blue or red. I will not be sending out uniform messages or platforms with other candidates. Rather, I will be focusing on the NEEDS of the district, community, and people I represent in my Region, regardless of political affiliation.

The role of a school district is to educate the youth of the community; therefore, the kids must come first. We, as a School Board, must be committed to their education and enrichment as this is a part of laying the foundation for their future, and strengthening our community.

As your school board director, I will:

  • Focus on increasing our ranking as a top school district, 
  • Create a desirable market that people want to move into. 
  • Ensure we have a strong school district that increases their property values and their investment in our district/community. 
  • Focus on Kids and Taxpayers first has and will continue to be the lens that I apply to all decisions as your next school board director.  

About Kristin Marcell, Candidate for CR School Board, Region 9

I am a Wrightstown resident and Council Rock alumni who grew up in Council Rock; living in Newtown Township, Newtown Borough, Holland, and Churchville before moving to Wrightstown to raise my own family. I graduated from Council Rock High School and have three siblings who graduated from Council Rock North and South. My children attend Sol Feinstone Elementary after they were redistricted from Wrightstown Elementary School (WES) in 2019.

I started attending school board meetings years ago during the Master Capital Planning process to help save WES from closure and supported a comprehensive renovation.

Serving the Council Rock community for the last three years has been a tremendous honor. I couldn’t be prouder to continue representing the Wrightstown and Newtown communities on the School Board. I am now running for re-election for a four-year term as the Region 9 CR School Director.

I am thankful for receiving an excellent education from Council Rock that more than prepared me for success. As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as a community and face rising costs in our budget process, I am committed to ensuring that same experience for our students and collaboratively working with the future CR Board members.

As your School Board Director, I will:

  • Provide leadership navigating these uncertain and challenging times
  • Use my experience on the board to ensure the district’s commitment to educational excellence and help to create value for every tax dollar
  • Protect our property values by supporting a modernized approach to education at a fiscally prudent cost
  • Manage rising costs and budget deficits, without sacrificing a first-class education